• 需要金幣1000 個金幣
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關鍵詞:投標 編制依據 工程量


ABSTRACT:This graduation design is the preparation of Chongqing city management college administration building bidding documents. The project is located in Huxi town Chongqing city Shapingba District university. Construction units for the Chongqing University of Science and Technology, this project was designed by the architectural design and Research Institute of Chongqing University, the construction drawings are complete, the artificial digging hole pile foundation. The upper part of the main for the frame-supported shear wall structure, structural safety grade two level, seismic fortification intensity is six degrees, the project categories into two categories, a building area of 9131.73 square meters.

   The bidding documents in the construction contract administration building in Chongqing City Institute of management and construction design drawings, a series of construction and technical specifications, standards, the current state and local "quota valuation; Chongqing Construction Engineering (2008))", "Chongqing city construction project cost quota of 2008" as the basis of compiling.

   The project budget by software calculation, because the frame-supported shear wall structure, the calculation used in reinforced steel project calculation software, the graphics software to calculate the amount of civil engineering, and finally into the enterprise valuation software for the price adjustment, and final results of Engineering cost.In the process of the project budget, the main problems encountered with operation software, components do not know how to define and layout, as well as part of the project should be how to set quotas and other problems. To solve these problems in the project, in addition to the independent reading G101 galleries and through the Internet search of knowledge, teachers and classmates care also provides a great help. Let me in the process of solving the problem, not only to understand the more professional knowledge, the method of general ideas and independent study project cost is familiar with, so that I can pass this graduation design gets better.

Keywords: Bidding Price; Calculating; Quantity.


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