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With the popularization of information and communications technology, information communications technology plays an important role in primary school English teaching, the application of appropriate characteristics of the psychological development of students and the learning rules, is crucial to the improvement of primary school English teachers' classroom teaching efficiency, can make good use of information technology is a challenge for primary school English teachers' teaching ability and skills. Therefore, this paper aims to help the primary school English teachers' correct understanding and use of information technology, select suitable for pupils.


Key words:ICT; primary English; technologies selecting






2.The Difference Made by ICT.2

2.1 Major changes brought about by ICT within the school.2

2.2 Students’ perspective of using ICT4

2.3 Relevant changes beyond the school.6

3. The Relationship between Learning Types and ICT7

3.1 Definition of learning types7

3.2 Typical ICT in terms of learning types.10

4. The Selection of ICT for Primary Students.12

4.1 How to choose appropriate ICT12

4.2 Which ICT can school choose.14

4.3 What are the research finding.16

4.4 How to overcome the challenges.17


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